SOOLGIDefense while seated or lying
HO SHIN SOOLContinuous joint locks #1 thru 30, plus opponent control techniques
KICKS25 advanced kicks (same as half black belt)
FALLINGCartwheels, 1-hand cartwheels, & jump up side falls
RANGE TECHNIQUESGround fighting trapping (empty handed and with weapons)
KWON BOPAdvanced hand/foot combinations (studentís choice of knife finishes)
FORM(S)Long form #8 (Farang Duk Hyung), plus weapons forms
GROUND FIGHTINGStrikes, submissions, kick counters, and escapes from the leg tie
KNIFE FIGHTINGKnife vs. knife techniques, plus knife long form (Dan Gum Hyung)
OTHER WEAPONSCane strikes & chokes, sword strikes, 2-hand sword form part I, middle stick fighting set and disarms, short stick short form, and Tae Guk Kwon form #1
SPARRINGAll previous sparring plus weapons sparring and 2-on-1 & 3-on-1 sparring
BREAKING2 X 2 board breaks (both are with advanced foot techniques), 1 board speed break (hand or foot), plus 1 brick break
MEDITATIONConcentration meditation
HEALINGKorean Tai Chi long form #1
BODY TOUGHENING/CONDITIONING100 strikes to the makiwara daily
CHALLENGEThe infamous eight-hour meditation experience!
ACADEMICSMeditation reflection report