SOOLGIDefense vs. two hands grabbing one wrist
HO SHIN SOOLControlling opponent using finger locks and continuous joint locks
KICKS25 intermediate kicks (same as green belt)
FALLINGFeet planted front fall plus misc. falls from soolgi and ho shin sool
RANGE TECHNIQUESIntroduction to trapping stationary limbs (human dummy drill, single trap, double trap, & triple trap)
KWON BOPIntermediate hand and foot combinations
FORM(S)Long form #2 (Farang Oui Hyung)
GROUND FIGHTINGStrikes, locks, chokes, & escapes from the mount position; plus, sixth grappling drill
KNIFE FIGHTINGDefensive techniques vs. slashing attacks
OTHER WEAPONSMiddle stick joint locks and basic staff techniques
SPARRINGIntroduction to karate-type sparring (just like previous sparring, with the addition of controlled hand techniques to the head and controlled leg kicks to thighs)
BREAKINGOne board with a hand technique and one board with a foot technique
ACADEMICSKorean names for Hapkido’s weapons, intro to writing Korean, and how to perform a traditional uniform fold