SOOLGIDefense vs. grab & punch
HO SHIN SOOLTakedowns, sweeps, and throws
KICKS25 advanced kicks, plus timed kicking test (5 kicks in 3 seconds)
FALLINGJump up front fall, eagle defense up, & kip up
RANGE TECHNIQUESTrapping vs. cross plus numbered trap drills
KWON BOPAdvanced hand and foot combinations
FORM(S)Long form #4 (Farang Ji Hyung)
GROUND FIGHTINGStrikes, locks, chokes, & escapes from the guard position (bottom); plus, eighth grappling drill
KNIFE FIGHTINGGolden rules, previous moves with complex attacks, grips, offensive thrusts & slashes, drawing, switching, and misc. drills
OTHER WEAPONSMiddle stick blocks & flow drills plus staff techniques
SPARRINGIntroduction to full repertoire sparring (Karate-type sparring with the addition of clinching, takedowns, and grappling
BREAKINGTwo-board break & two-board break (one with hand & the other with foot)
ACADEMICSGolden knife fighting rules, Korean vowels, famous Hwa Rang warriors