SOOLGIAdvanced concepts applied to previous basic techniques
HO SHIN SOOLDefense vs. headlock attacks
KICKS25 intermediate kicks
FALLINGBelt falls and falling into kicks
RANGE TECHNIQUESIntermediate blocking & striking techniques
KWON BOPIntermediate hand and foot combinations
FORM(S)Long form #1 (Farang In Hyung)
GROUND FIGHTINGStrikes, locks, chokes, & escapes from the side top position; plus, fifth grappling drill
KNIFE FIGHTINGDefensive techniques vs. overhead downward attacks
OTHER WEAPONSMiddle stick joint locks and basic staff techniques
SPARRINGBasic Tae Kwon Do-type sparring (same as green tip orange belt)
BREAKINGOne board with a hand technique
ACADEMICSFarang Hapkido Creed, Korean terminology, symbolism of flags