SOOLGIDefense vs. two hands grabbing two wrists
HO SHIN SOOLDefense vs. full Nelson and bear hug attacks
KICKS25 basic kicks (same as orange belt)
FALLINGHip throw falls and basic falls with a push
RANGE TECHNIQUESHard and soft blocks
KWON BOPBasic hand and foot combinations
FORM(S)Short form #4
GROUND FIGHTINGStrikes, locks, chokes, & escapes from the corner top position; plus, fourth grappling drill
KNIFE FIGHTINGDefensive techniques vs. high thrust attack
SPARRINGBasic Tae Kwon Do-type sparring (same as orange belt)
ACADEMICSBelt tie variations, patch symbolism Hapkido instructor lineage, history of Farang Hapkido