SOOLGIDefense vs. attacks from the rear
HO SHIN SOOLPressure point throws, dirty fighting, biting, common weapons, false hand shakes, head butts, and follow-ups & finishes
CONTINUOUS JOINT LOCKSFlowing joint locks #1 thru 15
KICKS25 advanced kicks (same as red tip brown belt), plus timed kicking test (7 kicks in 3 seconds)
FALLINGAll previous falls plus air falls
KWON BOPAdvanced hand and foot combinations
FORM(S)Long form #6 (Farang Sin Hyung), plus weapons form
GROUND FIGHTINGStrikes, locks, chokes, & escapes from the reverse top position
KNIFE FIGHTINGAdvanced empty-hand techniques vs. knife attack, knife picks, knife sparring, and misc. knife drills
OTHER WEAPONSAdvanced middle stick drills and staff form part I
SPARRINGTae Kwon Do-type sparring, Karate-type sparring, full repertoire sparring, weapons sparring, and ground fighting
BREAKINGTwo-board break with a flying kick and 2-board break with a spinning kick
ACADEMICSKorean writing, read Living the Martial Way, and write an essay in response to aforementioned book